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Cash 4 Grass Rebate

Vandenberg Village residents may be eligible for a rebate of up to $2.00 per sq. ft. (max $1,000) to replace grass with low water usage plants, rocks, or synthetic turf. The District will require before and after pictures as well as receipts to determine rebate eligibility. Please call (805) 733-2475 for more information or click on the Water Conservation link to sign up.  

Water Wise Gardening in Santa Barbara County CD

Stop by our office for your free copy of the Water Wise Gardening in Santa Barbara County CD. It includes a database of over 1,000 water wise plants with more than 300 photos so you can select the right plant for your low water use garden makeover.

Invasive Plant Species

Before selecting plants for your garden, please visit the California Invasive Plant Inventory Database for information about invasive varieties to avoid.

Sustainable Landscape
Demonstration Garden

In Spring 2007, the District used Water Conservation funds, collected from developers, to transform the landscaping outside the District office into a demonstration garden showcasing "sustainable landscaping" plants and ground covers. Sustainable landscaping is in balance with the local climate and requires minimal resource inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides, and water. The project also includes a small section of synthetic turf which is gaining popularity because it requires no water and virtually no maintenance. It was installed by Triathlawn. The staff hopes residents will consider these options which enhance the curb appeal of their homes and conserve water.

The following plants can be found in the Vandenberg Village Community Services District Sustainable Landscape Demonstration Garden at 3757 Constellation Road (click here to download the full color brochure):

Botanical Name

Common Name(s)

Abelia grandiflora

Glossy Abelia

'Peter Pan Blue'

Dwarf Blue Lily of the Nile

Agapanthus africanus

Lily of the Nile
African Lily

Bergenia cordifolia
'Eden's Dark Margin'

Heartleaf Bergenia

Campanula poscharskyana
'Blue Waterfall'

Serbian Bellflower

Ceanothus griseus horizontalis 'Carmel Creeper'

Carmel Ceanothus
California Lilac


Rock Rose

Coleonema pulchellum

Pink Breath of Heaven
Confetti Bush
Pink Diosma

Coreopsis grandiflora
'Early Sunrise'

Bigflower Coreopsis
Largeflowered Tickseed
Tickseed Coreopsis

Correa pulchella

Australian Fuchsia

Dietes iridioides

Wild Iris, Fortnight Lily, Cape Iris

Felicia amelloides

Blue Daisy, Blue Marguerite

Festuca ovina glauca

Sheep's Fescue, Blue Fescue

Fuchsia triphylla
'Gartenmeister Bonstedt'


Gaura lindheimeri
'Siskiyou Pink'

Appleblossom Grass

Gazania rigens
‘Fiesta Red’

Treasure Flower
Trailing Gazania



Heuchera sanguinea

Alum Root

Lantana montevidensis

Weeping Lantana
Trailing Lantana

Lavandula dentata

Fringed Lavender
French Lavender

Lavandula stoechas

Spanish Lavender

Leptospermum scoparium

New Zealand Tea Tree
New Zealand Tea Bush

Limonium perezii

Perez's Sea Lavender
Seafoam Statice

Mahonia aquifolium

Oregon Grape
Oregon Grape Holly
Holly-leaved Barberry

Nandina domestica

Heavenly Bamboo

Nepeta x faassenii

Faassen's Catmint
Ornamental Catmint

Oenothera berlandieri

Pink Ladies
Mexican Evening Primrose
Showy Evening Primrose

Pennisetum setaceum

Rose Fountain Grass
Purple Fountain Grass

Phormium tenax
'Bronze Baby'

New Zealand Flax

Rhaphiolepis indica

Indian Hawthorn
India Hawthorn

Rosmarinus officinalis

Prostrate Rosemary
Creeping Rosemary

Salvia greggii

Autumn Sage
Gregg Salvia
Cherry Sage

Salvia leucantha

Mexican Bush Sage

Sollya heterophylla

Bluebell Creeper
Australian Bluebell

Stachys byzantina

Lamb's Ear

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Confederate Jasmine
Star Jasmine




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